To earn each of Boy Scouting’s top three ranks—Star, Life, Eagle—a Scout must “be active” in his troop and patrol for a specified number of months and “serve actively” in a position of responsibility. Troop 199 believes that Scouts will best achieve the aims of Scouting (character development, citizenship training, and personal and mental fitness) when they regularly participate in meetings, outings, and service projects, and hold positions of responsibility. To meet the requirement of active participation, a Scout must be registered and be in good standing (meaning he hasn’t been dismissed for disciplinary reasons). In addition, Troop 199 expects him to participate in at least 20 to 40 Troop activities during the twelve months. The nature and quality of participation will be used to determine the actual number of required events. Qualifying events include:

  • Troop meetings,
  • monthly campouts,
  • summer camp,
  • Eagle Projects and other service projects, and
  • courts of honor, and
  • High Adventure treks.

Troop 199, however, recognizes that there are many worthwhile opportunities beyond Troop activities. A Scout who falls short of the above expectations will be given an opportunity to demonstrate how he has achieved the aims of Scouting through participation and leadership in district, council, or national scouting activities and/or other community activities. Troop 199 further recognizes that medical, educational, family, and other issues may prevent higher levels of participation. A Scout that would have been more active if he could have been, will be deemed active.

1st YEAR SCOUTS: 1st Class in 1st Year

Troop 199 provides many resources to help you achieve 1st Class Rank.  1st Year Scouts are teamed with Troop Guides to help them learn the ropes of Scouting for the 1st year.  Troop Guides are older Scouts with the knowledge and skills to teach 1st Year Scouts.  They can sign off requirements in the BSA Handbook and prepare you for your Scoutmaster Conferences and Boards of Review.

Eagle Quest Team: Troop 199 has Assistant Scoutmasters who work with the Troop Guides to plan the First Year of Scouting.  Mr. Ebbert is the ASM Eagle Quest Chair, he and his team will help the Scouts reach 1st Class within their 1st Year of Scouting.  Being active at Troop Meetings and Campouts is essential to advancement.  As are attending Troop Service Projects, Courts of Honor and other Troop Activities.

Instructors: Troop 199 also has several older Scouts with specific skills that Scouts and Patrols can have come teach them.  First Aid, Lashings, and Cooking are among the skills these Instructors can help you with.

Scouts who want to earn a Merit Badge need to follow these easy steps:

  1. Decide which Merit Badge you want to take and find someone else to take it with you (at least ONE other Buddy)
  2. Talk to Mr. Ratts about the Merit Badge and he will get you a Blue Card and the names of some Merit Badge Councilors
  3. Have Mr. Spellman sign your Blue Card BEFORE you start working on the Merit Badge
  4. Contact the Merit Badge Councilor and get started!

There is no time limit on taking a Merit Badge, as long as you finish it up before your 18th birthday.