This page is a resource in helping you get from Life to Eagle. There are several steps. If you cannot find the answer here, please talk to Mr. Heasley, Mr. Ratts or Mr. Spellman and they can help you along.

The Reference Form
How To Use The Reference Forms:

Step 6 in the 12 Steps from Life To Eagle reads:

6. When the completed application is received at the council service center, its contents will be verified and the references contacted. The Scout shall have listed six references (five if no employer, and parent if no organized religious association). The council advancement committee or its designee contacts the references on the Eagle Scout Rank Application by letter, form, or telephone checklist. (The council determines the method or methods to be used.)
The candidate should have contacted those individuals listed as references before including their names on the application. If desired by the council, the candidate may be asked to deliver a blank reference form and envelopes to the listed references. The candidates should not be involved personally in transmitting any correspondence between persons listed as references and the council service center or advancement committee. If the initial reference letter or form is not returned to the council in a timely manner, the council advancement committee must make direct contact with the reference(s) listed on the Eagle Scout Rank Application on its own, by follow-up letter, phone contact, or other methods as it chooses. The candidate shall not be required to make a follow-up contact with the reference or submit other reference names. A Scout cannot have a board of review denied or postponed because the council office or council advancement committee does not receive the reference letter forms he delivered.

In simple English you need to do the following for your references:

1. List the 5-6 people you will be asking for a reference on your Eagle Application with all their contact information: Parents, Religious, Educational, Employer and 2 others. For the Religious it can be someone with whom you discuss matters of faith. If you do not have an Employer do not worry. The 2 others can be anyone: Scout Leaders, Coaches, Youth Ministers, Family.

2. For each person you put on your Eagle App print out a copy of the Reference Form and give it to them with a Stamped envelope addressed to:

CAC Eagle Processor ATTN: Eagle Board, DelMi District
(your name on this line)
7125 Fall Creek Road North
Indianapolis, IN 46256

3. Hand the Reference Form and the envelope and ask the person to fill out the form and mail it using the envelope you gave them as soon as possible. You should do this at least 4 weeks before your Board of Review date. They will go to the Council Office and meet up with your Eagle Book when you turn it in.

4. That’s it!!

Once you hand the form to your people you have fulfilled your duty. The Council will take care of making sure you have the mailed letters at your Board and as Step 6 states: A Scout cannot have a board of review denied or postponed because the council office or council advancement committee does not receive the reference letter forms he delivered.

And yes, you can also ask them to write a letter of recommendation IN ADDITION to filling out the District Form.

Building Your Eagle Book
So you are ready to prepare your Eagle Book to turn in to the Council. I recommend making two copies of this book. You will turn in the original and bring the two copies to your Board of Review. This will allow the Board members to read your Eagle Book and not have to wait.

Let’s get started! First you will need a 3 ring binder and some page protectors to put the sheets in.

On the front put in a Cover Sheet (available below in attachments) with your name, Troop number, District and the words EAGLE BOOK.

Then you should put the following in order:
o Eagle Application (your Scoutmaster can help you fill this out)
o Life’s Ambition letter (Requirement 6)
o Eagle Project Workbook: complete with all signatures
o Additional Info from your Eagle Project (extra photos, examples like flyers, etc)
o COPIES of all your Merit Badge Cards (you can put the Eagle Required first)
o COPIES of all your Rank Cards
o Your Individual History Report from TroopMaster (Mr. Spellman can get it to you)
o Your Activity Report from TroopMaster (Mr. Spellman can get it to you)
o COPIES of any other Scout training or accomplishments you would like to Board to know about (Toten’ Chip, White Stag, Philmont, Polar Bear, Mile Swim, OA, Firecrafter, etc)

Have you handed out the Eagle Scout Reference Forms?

It is important that you only turn in the COPIES of the Merit Badge and Rank cards. You should keep the orginals in a binder in a baseball card holder and photocopy those. Keep the originals in a safe place. The TroopMaster Individual History and Activity Report will have information on your rank dates from Scout to Life, nights camping, service hours and other info that will be helpful for the Board of Review to get to know YOU!

Remember the Eagle Board does not know you. A complete and well organized book will give the Board a glimpse into your Scouting Career. Your Board will appreciate it!

Your Eagle Book is finished! Now it is time to get your Scoutmaster Conference and get the last signatures on your Eagle Application. Set up a meeting with Mr. Spellman.

Eagle Book Turn In
Once you have finished your Scoutmaster Conference you are ready to turn in your Eagle Book. Your Scoutmaster AND Committee Chairperson will sign your Eagle Book before you turn it in to Council.

This is the easiest part. Just bring your completed Eagle Book to the Crossroads of America Scout Offices. Turn the book over to the Main Desk and get your receipt. Once you have turned in your book, let the Troop 199 Advancement Chair know and he can help set up a Mock Eagle Board of Review.

You will then be contacted by the District when you have been scheduled for your Eagle Board of Review. They are held on the 3rd Thursday of every month at the same place your went to get your Eagle Project approved, the Noblesville United Methodist Church.